Naco, AZ

Down on the US Mexico border again. At the magical ten year mark of this project.


The famed American avenue runs for more than 20 miles.
This is life at the northern end.

Dauphin Island Alabama 1990

Rose caught three fish and had a ten mile bus ride to Mobile, AB where she intended to sell two and keep one for dinner.

17 Pictures of the King of Jordan

You can never travel far in Jordan (or anywhere in the Middle East for that matter) without seeing the iconography of the of the Leader.
In this case three Kings – past, present and future.

Coca Cola & Wim Wenders

I took this picture in a West Texas gas station in 1990. A small hand written notice stated that the coke machine was not for sale.
Years later I came across Wim Wender’s wonderful book “Written In The West” and fell in love with the photograph with the Coca Cola machine.
Last year I stumbled by chance upon Gila Bend, AZ and realised I remembered the name from somewhere. And there in an old bric a brac shop, next to the old hotel, was the original machine in Wim’s 1983 picture…it was stated on a note that it was not for sale.
I guess they never are.


The seemingly endless unfinished roads of Dubai. These were all part of the never finished Tiger Woods Dubai development that ground to a halt after the financial crash and the demise of the “Tiger” brand.

Trinity Site

This is where the worlds first nuclear explosion took place in New Mexico. It was the trial test of the devices made to drop on Japan, which were exploded a week before the Hiroshima bombing. The heat generated in the test was so hot that the sand turned to glass and made a substance dubbed Trinitite which you can still find lying on the ground.

Twice a year the government allows people in to ground zero to view a small monument to the test. Also a replica bomb sits on view on a trailer just for the day.


You can’t document the edge of Las Vegas where the city is swallowed up by the desert without going to a Nascar event.
A feast for the senses!!