Hudson Valley

Photographs of the good folk of the Hudson Valley, New York, for Harper’s Bazzar.

Tinder Tumbleweed

Taken only a matter of days before the Powerhouse wildfire swept the area west of Lancaster, CA.

Mariposa featured on KPCC

My Mariposa portraits were recently featured on the KPCC radio station’s Audio Vision website in an article about deportation.

Read the article on the Audio Vision website


San Pedro, CA.
Sherri had had a few drinks. She said I could photograph her.
Whilst photographing her she looked at my glasses and called me a tortoise shell bastard!

Melissa Auf der Maur

Smashing Pumpkins & Hole, curator & owner of the arts and performance centre, Basilica Hudson.


Cattle Pens, New Mexico

Pool Hall

Morning at Elvis’s house and the afternoon at William Eggleston’s…and this picture to end a very fine day.

In Honour Of

A President, a General, a musician; in fact anybody can have something named after them it seems. Not always something that you might necessarily want either…