Feature Films

Truth and Kitty

A modern American love story

Shot over a period of 7 years, this raw and immersive feature documentary follows Truth and Kitty as they navigate survival, faith and addiction on the unforgiving streets of Downtown Las Vegas.

This unconventional love story interweaves with a supporting cast of souls who reflect the community around them. With the Vegas strip seemingly a million miles away, it serves as an intimate portrait of the dispossessed of American society.

The Arbitrary Killing Of James Edgar Lewis

An unexplained murder of a lost man.

Two murders and two attempted murders in forty-eight hours. James Edgar Lewis brutally executed in the night as he sleeps on a street corner. Unaware of his whereabouts for 18 years, James’s family await the the trial of the man charged with all four crimes.

This film examines who James was through those who knew him and attempts to answer the question: why would someone perpetrate such random violent crimes?

A work in progress film whilst events continue to evolve.

Commissioned Films


Helping 1.2 million children in school every year

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One of the most hostile environments for driving in the world

Biotech SMA

A new drug for patients with SMA

Quickbooks Live

Partner with a virtual bookkeeper


A short film to introduce a new drugs trial


The hopes and dreams of people in Brazil

Anti Slavery

A campaign to raise awareness for the signs

Mobil Delvac North Carolina

Family trucking company in Dobson, NC

Por Favor

A family split by the US | Mexico border