A selection of stills from the upcoming documentary feature - Truth & Kitty.

Screenings to begin in Summer 2020.

Double Gulp. 64oz of Soda. Seven Eleven’s infamous value drink.
Buy one and then you can refill with ice as often as you like. Life saver.

If you live on the street, a very hot street, the free ice will be your hydration. Day in, day out.

That Las Vegas street is where you will find Truth & Kitty. Down on Fremont diving in the dumpster to see what they can find. Sifting through the rotting food while the mercury pushes 108 degrees. Often.

It’s not the food they need. They’ve got that covered. If you’ve lived on the street for 3 years you know who’s got the food to give away. The dumpster gives up better treasures: discarded mobile phones, earrings, copper wire, medicines and clothes. Lots of clothes.

They know so many on the street life – Snake, Reno, Game Tight and Day One – to name but a few. Everyone has their moniker and their story. Everyone’s from somewhere else. You come here, you hustle and you move on.

Then there are the drugs. Crystal, Blay, Tweak, Meth – it’s all the same stuff. It gives the neighbourhood a distinct character. Staying up for 7 days or more will do that.

I’ve followed Truth & Kitty for 7 years now. Filming them, hanging out with them and of course trying to find them. From underpass to abandoned house; from jail to a cave. This is their Las Vegas.