Forty plus miles of unremarkable road. The final journey of the condemned.

Forty plus miles of unremarkable road. Meandering through tree lined Texan roads with the occasional signs of life.

Periodic splashes of utilitarian roadside architecture. The soulless signs of everyday life.

Gas stations, Dollar stores, billboards shouting their offerings. A slice of quotidian American life. Little to see except that it will be the last thing a person sees.

The many churches possibly speak loudest to what’s occurring here. In a land who’s maxim is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth this road represents the final journey of the condemned as they are transferred from death row to the execution chamber in Huntsville, Tx.

At 6pm that day the prisoner will be executed by lethal injection as a group of witnesses looks on.

Texas executes more people than any other State. In 2018 when these photographs were made 13 men and women were executed.

A request to photograph the final room was denied due to the current administrations directive.