Truth & Kitty Film Teaser

A short teaser film before the official trailer is released in October 2021.

US Election

Images from a remote town in Nevada, a few days before a crucial day for America.

Truth & Kitty website is now live

In anticipation of Truth & Kitty, David’s first documentary feature film, being entered into this years run of film festivals, a dedicated website has been launched which will host updates and key information about the film. Head over to the website to keep up-to-date.

DDB Exhibit | Trump's Wall

A lovely 5 foot print being exhibited at DDB in London of a rather curious border wall prototype in San Diego.

Truth & Kitty Transcripts

Some of the hundreds of pages of transcripts from Fremont – The story of Truth & Kitty as it nears completion in editing at the wonderful Assembly Rooms in Soho

Exhibition at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington

Solo exhibition of the series ‘Mariposa’ – portraits of Mexican migrants, at the prestigious National Academy of Sciences building in Washington.

Red State Redux

Trump Country. One of the most Republican counties in the US (Hutchinson, Texas) –
90 per cent in favour of Trump. I first visited on the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009
for my original series and revisited the same day 8 yeas later when Trump was inaugurated.

Feature in Columbia Journalism Review

So nice to get this recognition from the people who hand out the Pulitzers. Click HERE to read the article.


OK it’s a rusty car in the middle of nowhere. I know I shouldn’t…but this one pleaded to be photographed (honestly).

The West Bank

As part of the “Of Biblical Proportions” series a trip to the West Bank was a must. Good fortune provided Walid aka “The Beast” as my guide.  He’s the Paestinian weight lifting champion.