Natural, Vibrant & Eye-catching

I’m excited for the opportunity to work with CDM and Eucrisa.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with CDM again in conjunction with Eucrisa.

It’s an opportunity to make extremely well crafted ads based entirely in reality using a natural style that will be appealing and engaging. With beautiful lighting and grading, harmonious colors will run through wardrobe choices and all props.

These values will run through the cinematography also in conjunction with the stills as we produce moving image for the campaign.

Whichever campaign is selected I suggest the values with the style of photography are consistent. Beautifully observed images that capture the moment. You don’t feel the hand of the photographer in any of the ads. You just savour the moment and identify with the situation.

We need to try and make the ads look like they are not all too US centric. Shooting in LA would be a good solution given the wealth of locations and great set designers and of course a rich pool of diverse talent. I’ve shot in over 30 countries so can bring this experience to casting and location choices.

CGI specific approach.

It’s important that when using a montage (either the doctors hand or the large tube) in such a way that we blend these elements with a very naturalistic photography style so that the finished piece still resonates with the viewer as a real life situation but with the Eucrisa tweak - an intriguing visual element to bring the idea to life

I intend to partner with a CG artist I’ve worked with many times. I particularly like his approach as it’s informed by his work as a conventional artist and painter. He then works with a post house we both partner with for many years for seamless transition to final images. I include some of our collaborations below.

Also see the reference below where I worked on a CG job I shot with Nicole Kidman where we were very careful to make sure she had help with her eye line for engagement. I’d suggest if we have interaction we use a stand in or crew members to facilitate this.

The Crew

My work has been exhibited in major galleries and institutions. From numerous photographs in The National Portrait Gallery in London to a recent solo exhibit in the National Academy of Sciences in D.C. I’ve also been fortunate enough to win many industry awards.

This month saw the completion of my first feature length documentary film with production under way on a second film. I’m proposing to work with an extremely experienced and resourceful producer who has been by my side in testing situations from China to Russia and Alaska.

My first assistant who I’ve worked closely with for 10 years is also an accomplished and excellent photographer and cinematographer in his own right so we often double up alternating between motion and stills camera creating opportunities to capture more than would normally be possible.

When more specifics are known about the campaign I’d be happy to revisit this treatment in more detail specific to the scenarios.

Many thanks for reading this treatment! If anything is left unanswered please be sure to ask.

All images and video David Harriman